Sustainable use of natural resources adaption to climate change and disaster risk managment

Mitra Rajnarinesingh   ID # 814117641


Sustainable Agriculture consists of three pillars which are economy, community and environment. If any of these three pillars are missing entirely or not  addressed  adequately then our agriculture is not sustainable. I fully agree with the article because   implementing sustainable agriculture model would be a step in the right direction in eradicating  hunger and improving food security. This can be done by managing our natural resources such our land resources and water  which are key inputs in the food production systems. This process would include well  aerated  soils,  and  ensuring that there is reduced land degradation  and this helps in  boosting agriculture lands as well as reducing pressure to clear forest lands and this is critical to meeting future food needs. Another key   resource is water and through proper management of  the  water supply through improved irrigation systems and water storage techniques we can sustain our dry lands productivity.

Another essential topic discussed in the article is tackling climate change, natural  disasters  and diseases which all negatively agriculture production. The agriculture sector is affected by increase in temperatures which cause wilting of plants, rising sea levels and disasters such as hurricanes can directly destroy crops through flooding and uprooting of crops. Pests can act as carriers of allergens and they can also affect the ecology  as pests prey on fauna and plants hence reducing number of native species  and upsetting ecological balance.

My  recommendation   is the setting up of research unit that will assist in improving scientific knowledge  and develop technologies to support food system through sound soil and pest management , mitigating climate change which   will boost agricultural yield  making agriculture systems productive and less wasteful while protecting the environment.


Reference  :


“Food security and nutrition and sustainable agriculture .” SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTKNOWLEDGE PLATFORM. Accessed April 10, 2017.





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